Pāhonu Restoration Project
From a project started during the E Alu Pū Conference in July 2018 came a resurgence of a community looking for more. The Waimānalo Limu Hui was awarded a three year permit to work on the restoration of the Pā (wall) at Pāhonu. It is the Hui's goal to make sure it remains in Waimānalo for another 100 years and for generations to come to be able to make use of it. Once commissioned by the Ali'i of Waimānalo, it was restored back in the 1960's and again in the 1980's. The current state of the wall is that the material is all there in the area but the rocks fell down on both sides making for a wide footprint. The goal is to re-stack the rocks and make it look like every other Loko I'a wall, with a flat top extending 2 feet above the high water line. 

The Plan - The Waimānalo Limu Hui is looking to host quarterly workdays in January, April, July and October. We're always looking for those willing to come down to help in any way possible. We need masons skilled in dry wall stacking, people to collect and relocate rocks, others to find and gather small rocks as fill material from within the pond and still others to help feed those working in the water. 

For more information on these workdays, please check us out on Facebook @WaimānaloLimuHui or send us an email to WaimānaloLimuHui@gmail.com asking to be added to our mailing list.