Limu Restoration
The Waimānalo Limu Hui has been hosting a monthly limu planting since November 2017. The first species of limu that we started to replant in Waimānalo Bay is Limu Manauea, the Hawaiian species of Ogo. Our limu is sourced from Uncle Wally Ito where it is grown in tanks till the optimum time for the spores to be spread. We then receive and use it for our monthly plantings. We begin the day by teaching participants the anatomy of the limu and how to wili it into lei with raffia. These lei are then wrapped around rocks to be planed out into the ocean with in Waimānalo Bay. The group proceeds into the water to place the rocks with a pule to help it flourish once more.

When we can source other types of limu, we plan to do the same with the other species. Please contact us if you can help with our efforts. You can find us on Facebook @WaimānaloLimuHui for up to date information on our workdays or send us an email to Waimā asking to be added to our mailing list. 

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Types of limu once abundant in Waimānalo Bay
In gathering information from Kupuna of Waimānalo, listed below are the different species of limu that once swayed in the ocean and graced its scents in the 'Alopali and Lipu'upu'u Winds of Waimānalo. 
Limu Manauea
Scientific Name: Gracilaria coronopifolia
Other Common Names: Ogo
Limu sold as "Ogo" in the store is of another species.
Limu Kohu
Scientific Name: Asparagopsis taxiformis
Also known as Kohu Līpehe and Kohu Koko.
Other common names: Limu Līpa'akai on Niihau and Līpehe or Līpa'akai on Maui
Limu Kala
Scientific Name: Sargassum echinocarpum
Other Common Names: Limu Honu, Kala Launui and Kala Lauli'i.
Limu 'Ele'ele
Scientific Name: Enteromorpha prolifera
Also known as: Hulu'ilio (Dog Hair)
Limu Wawae'iole
Scientific Name: Codium edule
Also known as Rat's Foot as the name suggests.
Other Common Names: Ala'ula, A'alaula (Maui), A'ala (Kaua'i).
Limu Pālahalaha
Scientific Name: Ulva fasciata
Also known as: Pāpahapaha (Kaua'i) or Pakaiea (Hawai'i)
Other Names: Sea Lettuce