Waimānalo Limu Hui
A community action group

Who we are...
The Waimānalo Limu Hui is a community based group made up primarily of Waimānalo Residents who seek to replenish the once bountiful supply of limu found in Waimānalo Bay. Under the guidance of kupuna and other limu practitioners, we're taking one of the most aggressive approaches in the state at restoring the limu population back to the east side of O'ahu. By planting limu in the bay, we've noticed an increase in the fish population and a greater sense of community with fellow Waimānalo residents coming out to participate in our efforts. We've joined up with other community groups and schools within and outside of the Waimānalo Ahupua'a. 

Our board...
  • President - Ikaika Rogerson
  • Vice President - Kaleo Puana
  • Secretary - Kirk Deitschman
  • Treasurer - LeShay Keli'iholokai
  • Kupuna Advisor - Luana Albinio
  • Safety Advisor - Kenneth Ho, Jr.
  • Cultural Advisor - Dean Crowell
  • Sargent at Arms - Jeff Cummings
  • Marketing / Advertising - Dennis Bio
  • Pāhonu Restoration - Pāhonu Coleman
We welcome help from one and all in every facet. Please email us at WaimānaloLimuHui@gmail.com.